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It’s Hurricane Season! Are your trees READY?

Hurricane season brings with it the potential for devastating damage, and one aspect often overlooked is the impact on trees. As nature’s guardians, trees offer numerous benefits to our environment, including providing shade, improving air quality, and preventing soil erosion. However, during severe weather events, they are vulnerable to extensive damage. While it is impossible to prevent all storm related damage to trees, Eastern Forestry and Tree Service, Inc. can help you identify potential hazards to your home, family and help prepare your trees for inclement weather.

Our experts can identify branch, trunk, and root defects that may weaken your trees and recommend ways to manage them, such as:

Tree Removal Chesterfield VA

Recommended Tree Care for Hurricane Season

Regular Tree Maintenance

Maintaining healthy trees is the first line of defense against hurricane damage. Regular tree maintenance includes pruning, removing dead branches, and conducting routine inspections to identify potential hazards. Eastern Forestry and Tree Service, Inc. offers professional tree services in Central Virginia, including tree pruning, trimming and tree removal. Our experts assess tree health, detect weak limbs, and provide appropriate care to minimize storm-related risks.

Stabilizing Trees

To strengthen trees and mitigate the risk of uprooting during hurricanes, various stabilization techniques can be employed. We offer tree cabling and bracing services to reinforce weak or leaning trees. Homeowners and businesses can ensure the longevity and safety of their trees by correcting problems caused by improper care practices. Our specialized equipment and techniques provide the necessary support, reducing the likelihood of tree failure during high winds.

Emergency Tree Removal and Cleanup

After reviewing and removing hazardous trees such as leaning, dead or weakened trees from trunk damage and insect infestation, severe hurricanes can still cause tree damage. After a severe storm your trees should be inspected for damage. High winds can cause cracks in trunks. Create hanging broken limbs. Cause trees to uproot or lean. In emergency situations, we provide 24/7 prompt and professional tree removal and cleanup services. Our trained crews prioritize safety while efficiently clearing fallen trees, minimizing further property damage and restoring normalcy after the storm.

By prioritizing regular tree maintenance, homeowners and businesses can enhance the resilience of their trees. It is important to hire a professional tree service, who has heavy-duty equipment and knowledge to remove or trim damaged trees safely. For expert assistance and a free estimate on tree removal and other tree services, contact Eastern Forestry and Tree Service, Inc. to ensure the longevity and well-being of your trees.  

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