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When to Remove a Tree: Key Areas to Consider Tree Removal in Richmond, VA

Trees provide numerous benefits to your property, and in most situations, it’s preferable to retain them. However, residing near a large tree entails certain risks. How can you determine when it’s necessary to remove a tree in Richmond, VA?

Over time, trees can become too old or unsafe to remain on your property. In such cases, removing the tree is often safer than risking potential damage to your home or harm to your family.

If you notice anything unusual with your tree, contact a Eastern Forestry & Tree Service. We will review the issue and advise on the next steps. Remember, a dying branch can fall unexpectedly, not just during a storm, so don’t leave it to chance.

Signs It’s Time to Remove a Tree in Richmond, VA

Tree Removal Richmond VA

Leaning: Move to a spot where you can see the entire tree and check for any leaning. While some trees naturally lean, a new or unusual lean may indicate that the tree is dead or dying and could fall. If you’re unsure, contact us and we will schedule a free evaluation with a tree specialist.

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Root Health: Inspect the ground around the tree’s base. Visible root damage or decay can mean the tree has lost structural support and may fall. Look for space between the tree and the ground, which could indicate a new lean. We can also check for extensive rot or insect damage by examining the presence of fungus or sawdust at the base.


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Trunk Condition: Examine the trunk for cracks or cavities, which can signal structural issues. While cavities don’t always necessitate removal, they should be assessed for severity. Missing bark is another indicator of a potentially dead, rotting, sick, or infested tree. Large areas of missing bark are particularly concerning.

Tree Removal Chesterfield VA

Canopy Inspection: A tree specialist can identify dangerous and hard-to-see dead branches. A branch with dead leaves or missing bark is often no longer supported by the tree and should be removed promptly.



By monitoring these signs and consulting with a professional, you can ensure the safety and health of your property and family. If you need tree removal services in Richmond, VA, don’t hesitate to contact Eastern Forestry & Tree Service for expert assistance.

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